We roast our coffee to produce a flavorful experience. The intention is to highlight its inherent quality and complexity, reflecting the hard work and passion behind it.


Elevate your coffee experience with our best-selling blend of meticulously sourced Arabica beans. Grown in premier coffee regions, each bean is handpicked for peak flavor.

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Flava Capsule Machine

Flava AVA Pro Coffee Capsule Machines: Expertly crafted for home baristas, delivering rich, aromatic coffee effortlessly. Elevate your coffee experience with advanced design and exceptional taste, ensuring a perfect brew every time. Enjoy excellence in every cup.

Our Services

Discover artisanal coffee at its finest with our small batch roasting and expert barista consulting services. Elevate your coffee experience with premium home brewing equipment, or explore our private label options for custom roasts tailored to your taste. With our state-of-the-art roasting facility, we bring out the unique flavors of each bean to perfection.

Discover what we offer!


We provide small batch roasting and barista consulting.

Private Label

Custom roasts and blends labeled as your own.

Coffee Equipment, B2B Traders and Consulting

We offer consulting to find and train baristas and offer a wide range of premium home brewing equipment

Coffee Roasting Facility

Expert roasters bring out unique bean characteristics.