Flava: Art Of Aroma

Welcome to FLAVA, where we approach coffee as a curator does fine art. Like a museum showcasing masterpieces, we curate exceptional coffees that embody the passion and craftsmanship behind each roast, expanding the horizons of consumer taste and experience. Based in Dubai, UAE, FLAVA is not just a roastery; we are a dedicated team committed to elevating the quality of specialty coffee in the region


Our Beliefs & Goals

Our Beliefs are rooted in infusing your daily routine with exceptional coffee experiences. Meticulously sourcing and roasting the finest beans, we aim to deliver unparalleled taste in every cup, turning your coffee moments into tasteful highlights of your day. Our goal is to be the top choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking unrivaled taste and fragrance. We aspire to lead the global coffee industry, cultivating a profound appreciation for the rich diversity of coffee among our cherished customers.



Our goal is simple: to highlight the best out of each coffee that we roast to reflect the coffee's terroir and the hard work behind it

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to our coffee offerings. That is why we aim to provide you access to all the relevant information about each coffee, including details such as the producer, origin, process, and even the coffee's variety. We want you to fully understand and appreciate the journey behind each coffee to become part of our collection. Our producing partners dedicated themselves to innovating and cultivating some of the most exceptional coffees, and we want to give them the recognition they deserve by prominently featuring their names